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Here it is the best movie apps you can install for free on your smartphone! For you who love to stream your favorite movies on smartphone, nowadays there have been a lot of movie apps that you can count on. More interestingly, there are some of them that are available at no cost!

Best Movie Apps for Streaming on Smartphone

Installing movie apps won’t only allow you to watch movies for free. Some apps also allow the users to stream TV shows, dramas and so on. Indeed, it’ll be an excellent way to catch up on your preferred shows especially when you’re on the go. So, which movie apps are the best for your smartphone?

Free Movie Apps for Android and iOS Devices
Considering the huge numbers of Android and iOS users, let’s focus on some best movie apps that can work on both of these platforms. Most of the apps mentioned below can work on other platforms too such as Kindle, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and many more. So, let’s check this out!

1. Sony Crackle

If you’re looking for the one that can work on nearly all devices you can imagine, Sony Crackle is the answer. This app supports all famous mobile devices, streaming players, smart TVs and even gaming consoles. More interestingly, this one of best movie apps can also be accessed on regular web browser.

The interface of Sony Crackle is so friendly and it is so easy to work with. It’s not required to log in if you want to watch TV shows and movies here. But, there’s this option in case you want it. The movies offered here are all supported with captions too.

2. Tubi

Tubi is another one of the best movie apps you can install on your smartphone for free. Most movies you can find here are all on high quality and every movie you find is free to stream. It’s possible for you to discover popular and latest movies as well. But, you shouldn’t expect for no ads.

Well, just like Sony Crackle, you’ll find multiple short ads as you’re streaming the movies. What makes this app more interesting is that you can discover movies easily even the one that you cannot find on Netflix. Be prepared for best movie apps experience as you’re watching movies on Tubi!

3. Vudu

The last, we shouldn’t forget Vudu when it comes to best free movie apps for Android and iOS device. When this app is more famous for its paid movies, you can actually watch many movies with no cost in this app too. Of course, if you’re okay to find occasional ads popping out.

Luckily, you can find free movies within the others effortlessly on this app. You just need to access the Free page of the app so you can find many high quality movies which are labeled “Free with ads”. More interestingly, as one of the best movie apps around, Vudu also adds latest movies frequently.

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