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The most recent games that is made by Supercell called Brawl Star will finally be getting its newest updates. The updates will give us cooler looking animation and a more balance game. There will also be going to be a new skin for Bull, Poco, and Rico. Plus the updates for Lunar New Years. The most interesting things will be the new hero that will going to be released with the updates, called Gene!

Gene is a Ranged type support brawler that can only hit an enemy one at a time. The bullet range is a lot like Nita, however it got the abilities to scatter after reaching a certain range. In short it is a long ranged shot gun dealing 1000 damage each shots. His abilities also deal significant damage in one line for one brawler only, and it will pull the enemies to himself, enabling him to easily kill a long range damage dealer.

In addition to his ultimate, he will be one of the best support ranged shooter in Brawl Star.

If you want to download the game, you can play it by downloading it in the link below!

App Rating : Brawl Star (Free)

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