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What are the most anticipated mobile games of 2019? When 2018’s been a bit stellar year for mobile phone games, 2019 has a collection of fantastic titles that you can look forward too. There have been a lot of games you played lately, but these upcoming games are worth checking for too!

The World of Mobile Games in 2019
We’re now in 2019, so let’s bring to an end thinking only about the games that we have played all year long. Instead, you can start searching for some brand new games that you’ll want to play this year. Thus, taking a peek on some of the most anticipated mobile games of 2019 must be great.

Top 3 Most Expected Mobile Games of 2019
Then, which game that is supposed to be anticipated this year? There are actually more than 20 great titles that are expected to be launched this year. So, let’s stop making a mess, here are the top five mobile games that you should be looking forward to throughout this year.

1. PUBG Mobile Lite

When we are talking about PUBG Mobile, you might not think this one as the most anticipated mobile games of 2019 since the game has been becoming a hype since last year. It has been able to steal the spotlight by offering cross-platforms features. And this year, the Lite version of the game is anticipated to be released.

Different to the late PUBG Mobile, this Lite version is designed as a faster-paced outing game that has smaller maps and also less people each match. If this game is executed as great as PUBG Mobile, it can be perfect for those who are not a lover of long game and want a fast chicken dinner.

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2. Sky

Another one of the most anticipated mobile games of 2019 is Sky. The company created this game is well-known for its games such as Flower, Journey and Flow on consoles. And now it’s finally providing a game that’s available for mobile phone. The game’s been in soft launch for now.

When it means that you can get in touch with the game, if the game stays longer in soft launch, it can indicate that it isn’t going to be launched anytime soon. Of course, we won’t like it to happen because the game comes in wonderful artwork and such great idea.

3. Tacticool

When discussing about the most anticipated mobile games of 2019, we shouldn’t miss Tacticool which will complete the list of shooter games on mobile. When there are so many shooters available out there, we cannot deny that there are only a few of them which are designed truthfully for mobile gaming platform.

Tacticool is a kind of 5v5 to-down shooter game which works unexpectedly perfect on a small mobile phone screen. It features simple touch-based controls as well as quick-paced matches that you can all enjoy to its finest.

Now, let’s just wait for the worldwide release of these most anticipated mobile games of 2019 soon.