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Getting to know Rotor Riot game controller review is important especially for you who are planning to get a game controller for your smartphones. Nowadays, playing game on smartphone has become a trend and many gamers find it fascinating as well. For most excellent experience, game controller is on the play sometimes.

A Quick Review of Rotor Riot Game Controller

Among range of game controllers available out there, Rotor Riot can be considered as one to be relied on. It can be a great solution for any gamer who wants to go mobile without sacrificing the thrill of playing game on computer or console. Now, let’s learn more about Rotor Riot game controller review as follow.

The Pros and Cons of Rotor Riot Game Controller

In general, Rotor Riot is a full-sized wired game controller which is designed to provide the worth of a console controller. Compared to the other products offered out there, this one is considered to offer sturdier feel. But, we cannot deny that there’s always a twist. Here’s we’ve put together its strength and weakness.

The Pros of Rotor Riot Game Controller

Let’s start this Rotor Riot game controller review with the product’s greatest strengths. One of the reasons to take a peek on this controller is because the product’s approved to be the best iOS controller ever. Moreover, the L and R3 button of this controller also feels sturdy as you push the button down.

Another interesting point about Rotor Riot is its ability to turn nice games into far more awesome ones with no much muss or fuss. There’s an excellent combination of games which work with this controller as well. You can enjoy games from the brand new one like the Animus: Harbinger, to more retro-style one like the Streets of Rage 2.

The other strength to be mentioned on this Rotor Riot game controller review is indeed the respond of the button. It’s a really good point of this controller actually since the buttons are highly responsive. The joysticks are slick and the weight of Rotor Riot isn’t too irresistible as well.

The Cons of Rotor Riot Game Controller

Unfortunately, there are some weaknesses that we cannot avoid as well. As the controller is tested, there will be some issues that make it just like another thing that agrees to the old saying ‘nothing’s perfect’. Once tried out, not all games can work properly when using this game controller.

Another thing to be noted on this Rotor Riot game controller review is that some of the popular games you’d love to play nowadays may not be able to work with the controller. Let’s say something like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile which are excluded from the game list at the time of writing.

Then, if you are wondering about battery, you won’t be able to find one. Practically, you won’t be able to use the controller if you don’t plug it into the Lightening port. It’s going to take power from your mobile device, so you need to watch out for your playtime. That’s all the Rotor Riot game controller review.

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