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Who have been played the Kingdom Hearts 3 game? Well, i have and it was so amazing! There are so many things that you can explore in the game. It seems like the hype of the Kingdom Hearts 3 has made its way into the mobile platform. This serve true, as the recent announcement in the official DisneyJp that tell us of a new game called Twisted Wonderland.

If you seen the poster, you will know that it has got a text saying “Welcome to the Villain World” which means that the game is originated in the villains world. Although currently there aren’t any explanation about the post, but it indicates that the game will be set in a villain world.

It can also mean that you will be playing as a Disney Protagonist in a villains worlds trying to find a way out of the villains world. Currently, there aren’t any information about this game. More information will be given on the 23rd March this year during the Anime Japan.

You can see its official site, and its twitter for more information!

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