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Ragnarok M Eternal Love is one of the best game right now on the Play Store. There are even a guy that has lose about $90.000 just for a single pet in the game. It indicates how popular the game is.

Of course, there are still some guys that needed a little bit of tips and tricks. They all have their own question and problem.

Today, we will give you the answer. What we are going to discuss is about one of the job here which is Rogue and Assassins.

Rogue and Assassins are both the advance job of Thief, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. This article that you are going to read will explain both jobs in a simpler way and depending on your play style you might want to use a different jobs. So first of of all, before starting you will need to understand each jobs.

Assassins: High Damage, and Fast Attack

Assassin is a high damage job that use both Dagger and Katar depending on its user, but preferably Katar for higher damage. Most of the time, assassin use his ability to fast attacking the enemies, to render them useless and given on how high his / her agi is, this jobs can tank some damage.

Added with his ability to hide from the previous job, he is a one heck of a killer in the PVP Mode. However, this character will have a bit of a hard time in a MVP raid. This job will mainly use 3 stats which is STR, AGI, and Lastly Dex. Focusing itself on AGI for higher attack speed and dodging abilities.

Rogue: Versatile, and Supportive

Rogue is another job advancement for thief that can use both Dagger and Bow depending on its build. He is perfect for offense in both melee and Long range. He can steal most things including the opponents skill which is why, i said that he is perfect for support.

However, this character is a bit tricky to use, but if you can master his arts. He will definitely be a scary addition for the enemies. This job mainly focus on 4 stats which is STR, AGI, DEX and Lastlly LUK. Depending on the build.

DifferenceBetween The 2

The 2 have their own advantages which is :

Rogue Assassins
  • Verstaile, Can use both Melee and Long Range
  • Easy Farming With Bow
  • Can Gain Most Skill even Heal
  • Can really be useful in a PVE depending on the person using Rogue
  • High Damage, Able to kill the enemies quickly
  • Easy to Play
  • Able to Tank Damage because of high AGI
  • Can Deal Poison Damage
  • Can be use to deal massive damage in PVP

Both also have their own disadvantages such as:

Rogue Assassins
  • Low Damage
  • Build Related
  • Too Tricky for Beginner
  • Very Hard To Play
  • Equipment related
  • Hard to farm in the early game
  • Cannot be ganked, because of low health.

And there you have it, the difference between both Rogue and Assassin. What do you think. Who do you like? Comment down below!

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