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Zombies, are one of the most interesting creature that is often made in a game. Resident Evil, The Walking Dead, and so on are some of the game that use zombie apocalypse as their main story. It make a really interesting game!

But there aren’t that many Zombies game on mobile that has a good graphic and give you the thrills that other platform give you. I also thinks that there won’t be any more good mobile zombies game at least until i found a game called ZWar1.

ZWar1 is actually a tower defense game, where you will be playing as a world war 1 soldier. Your goal is to protect your base by using all means, including your machine gun pistol, airborne strike and so on. The story is that, at the end of world war one, the Spanish got a flu pandemic, after a while the victim will be turning into a horrible horrible zombies, and another war break through. This time with the dead..

What makes this game so amazing is the realism and the HD Graphic. You will be seeing in a soldier POV, up close while battling the zombies. If you have seen the trailer, you will definitely be in awe of how awesome the graphic is. BUT! the game is still on beta, which means that there will be things that will glitch out or bugged, but that doesn’t mean that the game is unplayable.

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