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Most people loves game, it is a perfect to get away from something stressful without going anywhere. However that will only work if you like the game that you are playing. There are plenty of game genre that you can play, from RPG to Action, but if you want a less mainstream game then i suggest you guys to check out the Tower Defense genre.

Tower defense is a game where you will be defending your base, by using your troops. It is mainly a strategy game, that is so much fun. If you want to play a tower defense game, then check out Revolve8 that has just been out on Google Play.

Revolve8 is an interesting tower defense game where you will be playing to defense your base and your 2 tower attacker. Sounds pretty similar right? because yes this game is base on the all popular Supercell game “Clash Royale”. You will build your deck with magic, buildings and even heroes. You will built 8 decks of cards and you will use them strategically.

You will be playing against other people in real time. Each match will last for about 3 minutes and you will need to either destroy one of their tower and defense yours or try to destroy all 3 of their towers. It all depends on your own strategy. This game Revolver8 is made by Sega, and it include some version of their own little fairy tale like Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Sinbad and so on.

If you are interested in playing or downloading the game, you could do so by installing it in the link below!

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App Rating : Revolve8 (Free)
Revolved8Tower Defense Games for Android
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