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Night of the Full moon is a trading card game which feature a lot of different jobs and skills. It is updated constantly with a newer feature and newer updates that keeps us entertained. However since there are a new content that means that there will be a whole new card to be explored, and a whole lot other feature to be play with.

Today we will give you some explanation about one newest feature in the Night of The Full Moon game which is Rage!

Now, Rage is actually the newest feature in a job called Werewolf. Which can be bought in a werewolf expansion pack in the game. It feature a whole lot other things including more monster, a new jobs, and of course a whole lot cards to be explore. There are of course plenty strategy to use the jobs werewolf, and one of it is by utilizing the Rage.

You see, werewolf got a unique traits called Rage that enables him to deal damage at the end of each turns. Kinda like the Nun cards “Confession” which deal piercing damage. Rage will deal a Physical (Non Piercing) damage to your enemies at the end of your turn.

Now, here is the fun part, Unlike Confession that will only be able to deal a single damage at the end of its turns. Rage is able to deal multiple damage. How? Well, by maxing out the Rage, and then using a cards that will increase his rage more.

For example the scenario above, if you are able to max out your rage as of the above. The Next rage increasing card will deal 2 damage each. To Make it more clear, if you gain 2 rage, then you will be able to deal 2 x 2 damage = 4 damage.

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So how do you utilize this skill then, some may ask. By increasing the Max Rage, with some action cards that you get. You will be able to deal more damage, For example if you get the max rage to 8 and max it out, and after so you add 2 more rage, you will be able to deal 2 x 8 damage = 16 damage each time. Added with the end of the turn Rage activation you will be able to deal 27 damage in one turns which is huge.

This is one of the best way to use Werewolf! If you got any way please comments down below so that other player will also be able to use werewolf well.

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