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Despite the success of brawl star, it doesn’t live up to the previous game that is made by the same developer. Plenty of people get bored easily by the same repetitive play without any strategy behind.

If level and money got into play, most people especially newbies in the game will definitely lose. Which makes it harder to compete.

If you are searching for the same type of game, but didn’t want to play brawl star then i suggest you to check out the game Tanks a Lot!

Tanks a lot is a mini, fun, and a fast paced game that you can play whenever you wanted to. Tanks a lot is just like its name is where you will be using a tanks to destroy your enemies. There are 4 modes in this game, the usual battle to death ‘Deathmatch’, fight for the resouce ‘Brawl Match’, last man standing ‘Battle Royale’, and fun football with your tank ‘Tank-O-Ball’.

For the gameplay it is pretty similar with Brawl star, where player will kill each other within the time limits, or until one of the teams reach the goals. The graphic also had a bit similarity, however it doesn’t mean that the content inside is the same.

Tanks a Lots uses tanks that can be customized, there are 3 parts that you can change the canon for attack, the Base for defense and speed and lastly the commands for control and more power. Unlike Brawl stars, this offer more flexibility and more of ‘your taste’ feels rather than blindly using a set character.

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This game is a lot more fun if you had tried it. If you are interested, kindly download the game in the link below!

App Rating : Tanks A Lot! - Realtime Multiplayer Battle Arena (Free)
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