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Who in the world of Mobile phone gaming doesn’t know about the uniqueness of Kairosoft. The blocky 8-bit games that usually comes with town management system. From Town Building, Farm building, Pirate Building, Hero Management, and so on it all got the same town management feel.

Right now, the company had finally made another genre which is RPG. The game is called Quest Town Saga, and can be downloaded in Google Play Store.


A dark shadow was cast on a certain peaceful little town… Well, no, actually it was just a bunch of silly-looking monsters suddenly causing trouble. Anyway, someone’s got to teach them a lesson, and that’s you!

Help out the townsfolk and they’ll let you take charge of their town, building it as you like. Plus, you get to be a respected hero. Some get their treasure from quests. Some get items and money from managing a town. But why not both?!

Unlike the usual Kairosoft game, in Quest Town Saga you will be playing as a character that you yourself created. The created character will have its own name, jobs, class, and status. Jobs ranging from Pirates, Warrior, Cleric, Beast Tamer, Magician, and so on.

The class will makes your status and you can level up can increase your status accordingly. If you are familiar with any RPG game then you will find the similarity with this game.

Quest town saga is the combination of both Town Management game with RPG games. There are 2 things that you can do in this game which is 1 going on an adventure to improve your level and find some stuff. Then use it to improve your town.

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Adventuring is pretty simple, unlike most JRPG game that use a turn base system, you simply need to move your character to the closest enemy and then your character will hit them accordingly. If you want to use a spell simply click the spell and it will cast the spell accordingly.

The fun part is that you can invite your friends to go on a party with you. Each of your friends will have a different jobs which makes you as a player have roles to do. Isn’t it fun?

For the graphic it is like the other Kairosoft games which is blocky but is still nostalgic which is nice.

If you are love Kairosoft games and wanted try the other genre, then this is your choice. I suggest you to try it!

App Rating : Quest Town Saga (Free)
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