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Updating your Mobile Legends game is sure fun. Because you might not know what you can expect from the game in general. However, you will most definitely want to know the surprise that you can get. For example this one, you can now get Kimmy the marksman / mage hero from Mobile Legends without using any of your hard earn BP now.

On the previous Patch note, which is the Guinevere character update note. There is a news in it which told us that on 26 February there is a little change to the Fragment Shop, especially in the Hero Fragment Shop where Kimmy the Splatoon, and Hilda the Barbaric Woman will went into the shop exchanging itself with Sun, and Gatot Kaca.

So, you can buy both hero in the Hero Fragment Shop. It is possible that Kimmy will cost around 120 Hero Fragment while Hilda will cost at least 100 hero Fragments to unlock.

This is which a good news for those that use mage and marksman hero. Because Kimmy right currently is on the META, and she is most likely being banned or picked in the top tier match. Which is why for those that wanted to use Kimmy, don’t use your BP. Use your hero fragment to unlock her!

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