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If you have played the Bloodborne game then you might have known about the soul like game genre. Soul like is a game genre which is a derivative of an RPG game. It is usually a very hard game, where people will die again and again before finding the way to beat the game.

Questioning your sanity as to why did you play this game, raging every time you play it and even crying as you hit desperation all the time, but then again you still play it. So, if you are searching for those type of genre then you might want to check out BurriedBornes.

BurriedBornes is a simple RPG games with a turn based mechanic in which you and your opponents will take turn in doing some action, either attacking, using spell, items, defense and so on. It is a fun but a very frustrating soul like game in case you are wondering. One wrong spell to cast or action to do will be fatal. It is because the game is built that way.

First, you will choose your character that you want to play, pick up a job that you wanted to use a samurai, a spell master, and many other and pick up your own equipments and skill to defeat your enemy.

You can enjoy the play with your own strategy and the difficulty that will synergy depending on your own equipment and your chosen skill set. It is very easy to play the game, but can you survive it?

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