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Night of The Full Moon is a mobile Trading Card game where you can play as a Little Red trying to save her grandma. In the process she will find bunch of monster that will go in her way and try to disturb her from finding the “real truth”.

Now your goal is to uncover the secrets of the woods and find the truth. It is a fun Trading card game that can be played offline, and it is pretty fun!

We have made tons of tips so that you can easily win the game, from beginner guide, a tips and tricks, and so on. Which is why today we will give you the ultimate guide that will let you make use of one of the bugs in the game. It is very easy too!

One of the recent feature in Night of the full moon is the Greedy Chest. The Greedy Chest enables you to take 2 cards of any kinds. However, did you know that the greedy chest actually has a bug in it?

Well, l now you know. Greedy Chest has a bug, if you take one of the cards and select back, and go in again, the cards will automatically adds itself and changed itself into decoction. The Decoction will give you a random cards in exchange for nothing, you will gain one more cards and 1 more action. In addition it is fairly suited for every jobs in the game because it cost nothing!

How to do the bug:

  • Open The Greedy Chest
  • Take one card
  • Go back
  • Open it Again
  • You will notice that decoction card will be added
  • Take one of the cards again
  • Repeat
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There you have it! You will gain more than 40 or 50 cards that will have different effect each time. The thing is the game is unpredictable. If you got this Decoction then you will be more versatile in the game enabling you to deal tons of damage by using different cards each.

There are also some rare cards that you can get each combat. So, it is a win win situation. Especially if you are using the job archer and werewolf (Because they deal damage each time they use an action cards which means that you will be able to deal massive damage each turns).

This is definitely a bug for you! Especially if you want to one hit kill every boss.

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