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LifeAfter currently is one of the most popular Android Horror survival game. It is so popular that going in on a server, will need you to wait for a while. The game is actually pretty new, many player are still a little bit confuse about the game in general. So today, we will give you a little tips and tricks for beginner to play the game and get start in the game!

1. After Finishing the tutorial

You will need to understand that after finishing the tutorial, all of the item that you had found will not go into the game. You will still need to find every thing, from woods, stone, berry and so on. Which is why, quickly finished the tutorial and move on to the real game.

2. Health, and Hunger

These are the 3 most important things in the game aside from money and experience. Health is used for your HP, and like most RPG if your health hits 0 you will die and respawn, while leaving an item. Hunger is used up every time you gather something (Not Combating a zombie) which means that each time you chop woods or mine stone, your hunger will decrease,

3. Vigor!

One of the most important things that you need to understand is Vigor. Vigor is used to gain any experience. Each time you gather something, you will gain more experience in gathering. And if you level your gathering skill you will gain more item each time you gather things. However, if you used up your vigor. You will need to wait for it to replenish. The item can still be gathered, you just won’t get any experience!

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4. Infected item!

One of the most stupid feature in the game is the infected item. So basically each time you went out venturing to gather some resources, it will be deemed infected, meaning that you can’t take it home. Instead you will need to send it via a delivery man from the site and then have them check and disinfect the item before them sending it to your house.

But, each item has their own quota depending on the rarity. Meaning that you can only send a certain number of item each time depending on the rarity, except for the common item which has unlimited quota. So don’t use the send all button to send your item, instead tap what you need and then send it.

5. Regaining your Vigor

There are 3 ways to regain your vigor:

  • One is by using time where you will regain the vigor each 10 minutes.
  • Two is by using a food that will regain your vigor but it is a premium food that can be gain by using some money.
  • and lastly by doing some mission that will give you a free food. The food will replenish the vigor, and it can be done by finishing on a mission in 101 hope with an NPC called Blake in front of the Furniture store.

6. Dogs!

Your dogs won’t be useful unless you talk to a NPC called Matilda that can change your dogs perk. Your dog can then be used to search corpse and take the item. Pack dog which can be use to take your item and be the second bags, and lastly guard dogs that will bark if they see a zombie. Depending on your needs you should go and change your dogs perks. However, i really recommend you to take the pack dog so that you can have secondary bags.

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There you have it, some of tips that you will need to understand if you want to play the game. This tips is really easy useful for beginner and if you got any question please do ask in the links below!

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