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LifeAfter is one of the best survival horror game that is currently popular. You will need to wait a while before going into the game, even though it is still news. The game set in a post apocalyptic world in which the player will need to find a way to survive the world.

Eat, fight, and craft that is the motto of the game. There are also an occasional questing, for example the quest about Lost Exploration Chest where you will need to find 4 hidden Chest in the 101 Hope city. It is of course a bit tiresome because they only give one clue each day, and for people that are lazy to go around the town searching for the clue then it will be a hassle.

So, we will give you some tips about the location of the Lost Exploration Chest, check them out!

1. The Market

There is One near the market. After you go inside, immediately go left from the gate and then there will be a bunch of barrel or boxes that you can jump on. The Chest will be available on the top of the boxes. Or it will be available in one of the boxes

2. The Restaurant

Look around the 101 Cities and find a restaurant, the chest will be available in one of the table inside the restaurant. Or behind the store clerk.

3. The Mayor House

Go into the Mayor House incidentally and search around it. But the boxes can usually be found above the roof of the mayor. You will need to jump through the boxes on the balcony.

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4. The House Where Fernando and Billy Resides In

There will be one box inside the house where you can get your quest item in either the stair, the balcony, and the room where Jessica reside in. So check them out one by one.

Note: each of this item might not be in the same location, but it will still be in the same house. So just search around it and you will find the item.

So, there you have it some of the tips for alive in shelter. If this tips is not fully completed, please inform us so that we can research it more, or you can do so by simply giving us the answer in the comment below.

Thank you for helping and reading this article. Have a nice day!

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