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Card game is not a popular genre, so it is usually combine with other genre to make it awesome. However, there isn’t that many popular card game genre like that. , I think it is hard to find one that is really good.

Thankfully, a new game is being made each day, and one of those game had the genre that you will love guys, the game is called Tripple Fantasy.


In a world where imagination has become reality, you are the only one who can save a troubled kingdom! Will you answer the call?

Tripple Fantasy is a card game with a hint of RPG games. The story is that you are summoned by a kingdom to defend and protect them. You are armed with hundreds of heroes that is trapped inside an artifact of the previous mage Merlin. And you will be using them to kill the devil / demons / monster that are harming the land. And this game will be your journey to achieve that.

So now about the game play, you will be given a brief tutorial about the game in general. You will be battling in a cards. Each turns you will be able to use 3 cards in total, and each cards apart from attack and heal has their own elements, and lastly type.

If you are able to use a combination of the same elements, or the same type. You will increase their attack damage and heal significantly.

There are hundreds of different heroes that you can use of course each with their own ability and skills that you can utilize. It will increase your attack and heal further. The combination is pretty similar like the poker game, 3 different element is called Arcane, 3 different type is called straight, double and triple is 2 or 3 of the same type combine together, and so on.

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This game has a good cute pixelated graphic that most people love, and a good fun story line which makes it awesome. I really recommend you guys to check it out and try it!

App Rating : TripleFantasy (Free)
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