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Simulation game is popular because it enables you to play as someone else regardless of your real jobs is. It lets us escape the stress in real life for a while. Now, thank fully the genre is pretty popular so there is no shortage of the game here and there. One of those game genre that we recommend is the Qube Town.


Qube town in a simpler term is a mini town building game with tons of fun. You can build your town, from market to earn money, farm to earn more food, money and so on. Apart from farm, you can earn money by raising an animals, exploring the dungeon for treasure, build bakery and many other way. Of course the above is one of the small part of the game. Apart from that, you can also use them to make your town more prosperous and to protect your citizen from monster that will come from time to time.

The game is honestly fun and cute. Apart from its minecraft blocky like graphic, there isn’t that much wrong in it in general. There are so many feature in it, and so many cute animal and adventure to it. You can’t even get mad. Try it now!

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App Rating : QubeTown (Free)
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