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Anime lover has been hyping about the release of second season of One Punch Man that will be aired in April. The mobile game that is based on the famous anime will be coming soon to the mobile device. The turn based RPG game will be getting a titled called One Punch Man: The Strongest Man (一拳超人:最强之男) and is now available for pre-registration in China.

There are so many feature that you can enjoy in this game, but the thing that you will definitely enjoy is the remake of the original story line. You will be able to fight genos at start, make him an ally, and find sonic as your rival and so on.

The game will also feature the original voice over cast in the game to make sure that it won’t side track the original story line. There are also a wide variety of game play modes from boss raid to of course the original PvP Arena.

Now, for the game play it is like the usual turn based RPG game. Each turns will be yours or the enemies turn in which you will wait before you are able to do some action. And each character has their own ability that you can use such as Saitama serious punch and so on.

There are also monster that you must defeat each stages, and it is so much fun to play the game! However, the game has a gacha system, so you will need to use some of your money to get a good or OP hero.

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Despite that, the game is still fun to play and i really recommended you guys to try the game!

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