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Now, we will bring you an amazing compilation of all of the very best apps and technology to help you improve your language skills. You’re gonna have heard many people say a million times before that one of the best ways of learning and improving your language skills is watching TV shows and movies in the language you’re learning in.

It’s also a really really fun way of learning! However the biggest problem that the students will face is they can’t actually access the resources, the TV shows, films and apps.

1. Oxford Learner’s Dictionary

It is the best dictionary I have ever used! So, why this dictionary is so good?

Well, it basically ticks all of my boxes it’s designed with learners of English. This app has incredible feature in my opinion. Every single word has the IPA transcription that’s the international phonetic alphabet transcription in both British English and American English. That’s rare, there aren’t many websites that do that.

For each word, they also have 2 audio pronunciations at the very least. Sometimes they do have extra accents like Australian or Scottish for example.

Another really cool feature is that when you search for a word you can add that word to your word list. So you can create a list of all of the words you’ve ever had to search for. It is such a powerful resource!

If you use it consistently, every single word you search for and add it to the word list, over two years you will have this huge glossary of everything you’ve learnt! You will also hear how it’s pronounced. You can compare how it’s pronounced in different countries!

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The glorious aside from all the pronunciation features and the word list features is they also have very clear definitions and a lots of other information that might be useful for English learners.

It is top-notch, whoever designed it, they deserves an award!

2. Quizlet

Quizlet is such a powerful learning tool. It has taken off in the past few years and its really really incredible!

It’s basically a digital place to store flashcards. It also offers so much more than that but at the very heart of it. It’s a place for you to write your own flashcards.

Whether it’s about English, whether it’s about a subject you’re learning at school. So you can look back at them. Teachers can also create flashcards and you can then learn from them.

However, now they’ve added so many features. There are games that you can play. You can play spelling games, where you hear the word and you have to write it out. You can play writing games where they give you the definition and you have to write the word. There are loads of options!

You can see resources that other people who have written for you and that other teachers have written for their students. Try searching IELTS, try searching business English, try searching photography English.

There will definitely be something good for you. I never want to hear anyone with a computer or a smartphone say that they can’t learn English because they haven’t got enough resources. Everything is here for you. You just have to educate yourself!

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3. BBC Sounds

This is the BBC audio app where everything audio is just included in one app. So that’s basically the music, radio shows and podcasts.

BBC is a British corporation, so naturally you’re going to have a plethora of British accents at your disposal. There are so many podcasts and radio shows that will be interesting to you. It will also help you improve your listening skills. You can search by category so type in a word that’s interesting to you or something you want to learn about.

If a podcast or radio episode comes up, listening to English music will also help you!

4. Google Translate

I don’t recommend putting all of your essays and all of your homework into Google Translate. I’m more interested in a certain piece of software they have been available for a couple of years.

You can use your camera on your phone to translate things in real-time say your traveling in a foreign country. Maybe you want to read the menu instead of having to type out everything into Google Translate which in some places might be impossible because it’s a different alphabet, you can just put your camera over the menu and Google will recognize the characters and translate it into your language for you

I wouldn’t say this is the best ever tool for learning a language but it will really really help you get by especially in times of need.

The great thing about Google Translate is you don’t always need to use an internet connection. You can already download the capability of translating a specific language.

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