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Despite the hype, MOBA game has been forgotten nowadays. The genre is still popular but it is not that amazing anymore. Because there are a so many other genre that you can try online, for example Battle Royale.

Because of that plenty of MOBA developer are trying to make the same genre but with a different feel. Like with a developer called Funs Time, which made a game called Arena of Arrow – 3v3 MOBA Game.


“Archers vs. Draw” as a sequel to the archers’ battle, the combat experience is fully upgraded, the heroic role is vivid, and the rich and varied combat modes, that is, the operational and strategic aspects of MOBA games, and the simplicity of the IO game play. Fun, fight anywhere, anytime, in just 3 minutes, you can fight with players around the world!

Arena of Arrow is a simplified version of MOBA game. While MOBA game use the concept of defending the base. This game use the concept of mini games. where bunch of mini games with different objectives can be played in this game.

Of course because the game is still a MOBA game, so the game play and the game control has a aspect of MOBA game. Where you will need to move the virtual joystick to move and tap the attack and skill button to deal damage.

There are 3 different types of mini games that you can play from grab The Gem, Bounty, and Survival. Each has different objective, gem grab is a game where you will need to grab the most gem and kill the other to loot the other team gems. Bounty is where you kill the other with the most star to get the star and be the one that have the most star, and lastly survival is where you will need to survive and kill the other player to survive.

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All has different feel and it is fun to play! If you are interested in the game, click on the link below to download!

App Rating : Arena of Arrow-3v3 MOBA Game (Free)
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