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We all known about Mobile Legends pattern. Which is, each month you get at least 1 / 2 heroes that is being release in either Advanced server or the original server. If you have been playing like i am then you will definitely know about what to expect in those new heroes, OP-ness and cool skill.

Which is why, we are very hype to tell you that we found out what kind of heroes that you will get next. Which is a new Fighter hero called X.Borg.

The fighter hero called X.Borg has 2 distinguish feature which is his blue hair, and the fire armor that he use. Apart from that, he is actually really cool and has a really good skill too. Here is the skill description:

  • Skill 1 – Fire Missiles: X.Borg activates Flamethrower and fires in the chosen direction, dealing damage continuously. Enemies whose temperature rises to the limit will take true damage.
  • Skill 2 – Fire Stakes: X.Borg Shoots 5 Fire Stakes at the edge of the fan – shaped indicator. Several seconds later the stakes are taken back into his body. Each Stakes will deal damage to enemies in the path and pulls them back. If the Fire Stakes touch the Firaga Supplies in its path, the supplies will be taken back as well.Skill 2 has 2 form (Armorless State): X.Borg adjusts the fire stakes launcher to send the stakes farther away and shorten the gap between the stakes.
  • Skill Ultimate – Last Insanity: X.Borg Starts the self destruct program, spins around frantically and shoots fire around to deal damage. This stage lasts several seconds then he self explodes to cause true damage. The enemy closer to the explosion will take more damage. The explosion destroy the firaga armor and put himself under armorless state, where this skill cannot be use. Use again to end the flame spray and self destruct right away.
  • Passive – Firaga Armor: X.Borg is equipped with a homemade firaga armor that inherits parts of his own max HP, taking all damage for X.Borg while it is active.

X.Borg is a fighter that has 2 health bar, if his purple health bar isn’t diminish yet (or his firaga armor isn’t destroyed yet), he won’t suffer any damage. Apart from that all, the character has an awesome recovery, where if he is able to deal damage to his opponents, his purple health will quickly be full and can be use again and his armor can be used again. He will definitely be a terrifying addition in Mobile Legends!

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