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If you are a disney fans, then you must have known that since the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 on PS4 a months before, Disney has been developing a new Mobile game called Twisted Wonderland.

There hasn’t been that much information that is being release in the net after that. But if you see its official twitter. You will notice that this game is not an action pack game, neither an FPS, or RPG game. In fact it is a full on dating sim otome game where you can date a disney villain.

There hasn’t been much information that you can have in the game, but the game start you being summon in an alternate world, in which you arrive at Nightraven College. A prestigious academy that offers instruction in the magic arts, Nightraven College accepts only highly skilled applicants, all of whom also have the soul of villains.

The school’s student body is divided up into seven different dormitories, each of which is based on a Disney franchise. The first to be revealed is Heartslabyul, which is designated as “Twisted from Alice in Wonderland.” Until now there are 6 character that has been revealed.

The Headmaster

Riddle Rosehearts, The Leader of Dormitory

Ace Trappola the Mischievous

Deuce Spade the Serious

Trey Clover the gentle

Cater Diamond, The Sensitive

Each character should be the candidates for your conquest and you will need to do a certain things to make their affection go up. Not sos many information has been released yet and there isn’t that much things that you will know. This dating sims otome game is still on development.

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If you are interested for more info, check out the trailer below, Or click on the official website for more info.


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