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First released in mid 2017, Albion Online has been a pay to play game where you will need to pay a little to play this awesome game. BUT! Thankfully in 2019, this month, the Sandbox Interactive which is the developer is trying to make a new break for the game by making the game free to play for all gamer.

Albion Online is a full MMORPG game in which you will be able to play as your created character with their own skill to go on a war with the monster all around this created world. Not only that, you are free to do anything in this game, from crafting, going on an adventure, mining, and even socializing in this world you can play it all.

The good thing is there is nothing that you need to do or pay. Simply go to its official website, download the APK and then you are able to play the game! Of course, this game still have a premium membership for those that are interested in , it will give you a cosmetic item, and so on. Those that had purchased the game will have a specter wolf mount, 1000 gold, 3 days premium, and of course, a special avatar ring as a thank you for supporting the game.

This game is honestly so much fun, and i really recommend it for you guys to play it. Download it now!

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App Rating : Albion Online (Free)
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