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Netmarble Corps has made it again! The Company has made a big mobile game like Lineage 2, Seven Knight and many more. Which is why, we all know that the game will definitely be good. Anyway, the company had released a new game called Rich Wars and here is a simple review about the game.


Rich Wars is a real time PvP Board game, in which you are able to show off your strategies and technique to the other player around the world. If you are familiar with monopoly board game.

It is the digital version of that. Player will start in a board, with bunch of cities, world travel, city hub, development 2x, and start in the board. And you will use your character in the start button, roll the dice and then your character will move according to the number.

Build landmarks, and avoid your opponent cities while bankrupting them. It is simple monopoly play, but there are some added feature that will increase the pace of your play and built up your strategy.

For example the character, each character has their own skill, from exempting the opponents rent once, stealing the opponents money, play double, and so on. And there are also the probability where you can control your dice roll, which will help a lot. There are also a cores which act as additional skill in the game and you can equip 4 cores. Each with their own additional skill of course, and you can upgrade it to make the additional skill more powerful.

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Now, for the similar part with Clash Royale is the upgrade feature. If you want to upgrade your cores, you will need to find the core card first before you are able to upgrade it. You can get the cores in a chest that can be bought, or get by winning the game each time.

Pretty similar right? There are also a clan feature where you can request or donate the core card. Apart from that, there are also some additional feature like Tournament, shops, and so on.

If you are interested in the game, click on the link down below!

App Rating : Rich Wars (Free)
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