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The hype of MOBA game is kindly being forgotten. Mainly because the game is a little bland, and the most character in most game has the same skill. Because of that, the genre is becoming more bland and boring….. At least until the game Storm Arena from NetEase is out!


Surf’s up! Brawl against foes and experience the 3-minute fast-paced battle with your friends! Storm Arena is a casual MOBA set at 4 beach themed arenas.

Storm Arena is a PvP game where you are able to play with another player real time. There are bunch of games mode that you can play in this game, from Bounty Hunter, Turf War, Goal Attack, and Pieces of Eight. Each with their own objectives, for example, Bounty Hunter is a 3vs3 MOBA while Pieces of Eight is a mode where eight players compete for the ultimate prize as the last player standing.

You can also team up with your friends in this game. Pick your mariner with awesome skill each and then brawl in an arena of players depending on the mode, and win the ultimate honor at the sea!

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App Rating : Storm Arena (Unreleased) (Free)
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