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Who doesn’t know Apex Legends nowadays? The hero based Battle Royale genre has amassed around 50 millions player since it released! And it has been going strong.

It has a beautiful graphic, a huge content and feature to explore and most of all it is awesomely competitive and interesting. Most Android games especially the Battle Royale genre has been going through a change. Since then many of the game genre try to imitate the game play, especially the hero based Battle Royale.

Now, if you familiar with most android game or mobile game then you might know about a company called NetEase, this company recently released a hero based Battle Royale genre called Eclipse Isle.


As a first of its kind 3D Anime Style Hero Survival Game, Eclipse Isle will bring you a brand new gaming experience. As for experiencing both “Battle Royale” and “Multiple Heroes” in the game, players can choose different heroes, search for ores to get weapons and skills and equip themselves to fight on the Isle.

Under the crisis of continuous erosion of solar eclipse, players can use a diverse set of skills and strategies to stand out from 60 competitors and become the winner to save the world.

If you have been on and on about NetEase game then you might know this game from way back. This game has actually been released in China and it is translated as “Operation Stormy Island” not Eclipse Island. Which is a Battle Royale game with a hero system.

It means that unlike most battle royale game that utilize guns, Eclipse Island utilize each character skills. Each character has their own skill like a MOBA game, for example Flutter (A Character) has an ability that is like an assassin with high Mobility, Lily got a fighter skill and so on. So, you will need to use your own strategy to win and compete in the arena.

The whole game in a sense is a whole lot similar as any Battle Royale games, from the waiting room, map, flying from the sky, landing, searching for weapon and so on. But what differ than most battle royale is first the equipment.

Since there are no weapons, you will need to find a Skill Stone which can be mine. After mining you will then be able to get some skills that can be use in the battle. There are also armor equipment that categorize in pants, shirt, accessory and so on that will increase your health and armor in every way.

Apart from that, there are also a level system in this game which will increase your attack, health, armor, and skill in every way each time you level up, and there are also a monster camp that will help you level up in the game.

This game is so much fun in general, but there are some plus and minus. Since this game is still on Open Beta (Unreleased) version, there are so much more to explore and fix next.

If you are interested in the game, click on the link below to download!

App Rating : Eclipse Isle (Unreleased) (Free)

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