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Finding a good game is a little hard. There are too many games nowadays and we don’t know which is which. Since i am a writer, it is my job to search and give you the information that you want. Including a good game every day.

After a little bit of searching, researching, and playing the game in general. I can conclude that the game Pirate Code is a good game and is worth to play. Here is why….


Take to the high seas in full scale PvP naval warfare, with fast paced conflicts packed with ship-to-ship seaborne action. Choose to play as a lone wolf, or join a fleet and take part in epic ten player skirmishes at sea. Choose a captain armed with unique firepower, board a powerful battleship and dominate the high seas!

In a simpler term, Pirate Code is a PvP game that is a lot similar to those of MOBA games. You will be choosing your fleet, of course that have already been modified, with your captain that is arm with a unique firepower to board and dominate the seas. This game is a fast paced action game where you will be playing against your enemies, either one or in a teem of epic 10 player at the seas.

Because it is in the seas and you are using a ship, the control can be a little bit hard to get used. You can use your virtual joystick to change your course, fire button to attack the enemies, and then use the skill button to either dodge or attack the enemies. It is easier said than done.

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Before, i said that the captain is unique, well, it is because of the skill will depends on the captain on board. For example Vasco De Germa – Fireball, Billy – Energy Wave, Hattori – Invinsibility, and Catalina – Frost Arrow. Depending on the captain you can then make your own strategy. The interesting thing too is the battleship that are able to be use to increase either speed, defense and so on. So choose wisely!

There are plenty of mode that you can play, 5v5, Kraken, and many more that is being updated until now.

Are you interested in the game? Click on the link below and play it now!

App Rating : Pirate Code - PVP Battles at Sea (Free)
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