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If you are an old school gamer then you might have played this game, Neighbours from Hell. If so, then did you know that the funny reality TV Show about a guy pranking his bad neighbour has been ported to mobile?

Well, It is! And the good thing is you can play the demo for free to relieve your nostalgic memories of the game before buying the full version.


Here is a brief summary about the game. You play as a character named Woody. Woody is unfortunate, because he is living with an angry middle age guy that is constantly making his life a hell hole. Because of that he wanted to get back to the guy. Of course with some cash. So, he sets up a camera, go into the guys house, and then prank the hell out of the guys.

A really simple concept but it is pretty funny and it works well. Walk around, and see what kind of things that your neighbor do, and use it to your advantages to set up a plan. Get some stuff from his house, and then use it to make him angry or mad.

Well, there are times when you will ruin some thing, but hey he ruins your life first right? But be careful though, because he will kick you out and smack you if you are found. Hide around in the bedroom, wardrobe, and do your stuff!

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App Rating : Neighbours from Hell ($5)
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