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Remember NetEase games which is mostly known as “Inhuman Academy”? Well, now it is called Extraordinary Ones and the game is currently holding a CBT for Android users especially in SEA Countries. The Anime style MOBA Games that is based on Boku no Hero to Academia will have a 9 days closed beta game that start on 19 April and it will end on 27 April 2019.

For those that don’t know the game, Extraordinary Ones is a really unique MOBA games. Overall, the aspect and the gameplay is still the same as other game, which is destroy the base towers. While the design, character and skill is really different.

In Extraordinary Ones, the characters and items can be awakened for a greater power after a certain level. The same goes with the minions and jungle. And the most interesting part is that, your character can find more skill by killing the jungle monster.

In this CBT, there will be over 40 heroes that is available to used during the time. You can also get a lot of diamonds to purchase the heroes by collecting the daily login rewards. There are also a limited skin given for those that are playing the CBT.

If you want to play it, Download it now and enjoy!

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App Rating : Extraordinary Ones: Anime-style 5V5 MOBA (Free)
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