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Cyber Hunter is going strong currently, it is one of the best battle royale games that is said to rivals to the popular Fortnite games. The game is still new, but it is made by NetEase (famous for its mobile game). Cyber Hunter got a lot of potential to be one of the best games. You are able to download the game in Appstore for iOS and Google play store for Android, but if you want to download its APK for older device, you can download it on APK Pure here.

Now, for the serious part, this game is a little bit hard to play especially if you are new to the genre. Which is why, we are here today to give you some of the tips and tricks that you can utilize to win the game more and more.

Check out some of awesome tips below!

1. Auto-Fire

This is probably one of the most important thing if you are a beginner in this game. Especially in the genre overall. In this game, you will fire a bullet on your enemies, and use the crossfire to target them on your screen before tapping the shooting button to fire it at them.

Now, in this game, there are an option to activate the auto fire button. You simply need to aim the crossfire and then your character will automatically shoot the bullets. Of course, it has disadvantages such as your position will easily get discovered, but this is one helpful option especially for beginner, because you will be able to shoots while moving.

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2. Gyroscopes

One of the main problem in battle royale on mobile in general is the ability to aim, which makes it hell. But thankfully most battle royale genre has this option. It is called Gyroscopes.

With this option you are able to move and aim your cross fire by simply moving your phone in real life. Aim by using your phone in  a small detail and then hit your fire button to fire them, or simply use the auto fire setting on cyber hunter and kill your opponents easily.

The only drawback is that you will need a lot of practice to be able to shoot in accuracy. So, practice makes perfect!

3. Skills

One of the interesting feature in Cyber Hunter is that each character has the ability to utilize a skill. The skill that you use are able to materialize a lot of things depending on the skill that you choose on your skill pages. There are a skills that you can use to make a healing station, a bush to hide with, a shield, and even a motorcycle.

Now, depending on your team modes for example 2 or 4 people. You must utilize your skill efficiently, because one person can only bring 3 skills on one game. Which is why, you must coordinate with your teammates to bring out a skills that most people don’t have.

For example you can prioritize on mobility by bringing the motorcycle, jack of all trade by bringing a healing station, shield, and so on, or simply becoming a scout by bringing an alarm. It all depends on what you and your team needs and your play style.

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4. e-Cores

Most people don’t know this, especially the beginner one. This games got a unique weapon ads on besides the usual scopes 2x, 4x, and so on which is called e-Cores. The e-Cores is an ads on that you can find in the game which are able to give you additional power to your weapon.

For example you can slow your enemies, heal yourself, stun them and even give you a more basic power up like reload time shortened and bullet speed increase or so on. This e-Cores can usually be found at the gift drops or in a chest.

5. Full Armor before Engaging

One of the easiest but the most useful things that you need to understand is that, please try to find an armor, headgear or anything first before engaging a battle. It will not only ensure your survive ability but also your ability to withstand the damage taken and your winning chances against the other opponent. So please do note before going on a battle.

6. Weapons choices

Each payer has their own weapon that will give them advantages and disadvantages. For example a shotgun that is most suited for a short ranged combat, SMG for a high speed combat but harder to aim, and Sniper that enables you to shot an enemy in a long ranged.

Each weapon choices has their own advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on how well you use it, don’t hit the enemies in a long range by using a shotgun use sniper instead, and so on. Since you can bring 2 weapons, you will need to pick out the best for you. So try and use the best weapon that suits you!

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And there you have it, 6 different tips that will help you win more games. Most of these tips above is the one that beginner don’t know, which is why utilize it to win the game more. And Practice makes perfect. This is one awesome games and i really hope that you guys can have fun playing it. Have a nice day!

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