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Going in on Facebook or Instagram, you might have already know this game. Because this game is literally being advertise on every social media. And because of that you might have install it, and even get hooked on this exciting new empire simulation RPG game.

Surprisingly this game has a lot of freedom to choose what you want, including making a harem. So today, we will give you a simple guide on your harem in general. This guide will give you a tips and tricks on your consort and what you need to do, and know about it.

So? What is a Harem?

In short, the harem is the place where your wives and children live within the palace. In the harem section, you are able to have access to all of the consort, including the consort halls, titles, heir and even the heir marriage. Each consorts are also associated with one of the sultans viziers, allowing the player to level up their vizier attribute through the use of consort XP.


Currently there are more than 27 Consort of course each with their own skill and abilities that will help you in game.

1. Camferza

Skill Name Associated Attribute Unlock
Self-reliance Bonus on every attribute
Enthusiasm Bonus on every attribute 20 intimacy
High Energy Military 50 intimacy
Helpfulness Research 100 intimacy
Constructiveness Political 150 intimacy
Perception Prestige 200 intimacy

2. Dilara

Skill Name Associated Attribute Unlock
Psychology Military
Temperance Military 20 intimacy
Imagination Research 50 intimacy
Strong Ethic Political 100 intimacy
Refined Taste Prestige 150 intimacy
Humbleness Military 200 intimacy

3. Osilda

Skill Name Associated Attribute Unlock
Stability Research and Political
Deep Morality Research and Political 20 intimacy
Eidetic Memory Military 50 intimacy
Concentration Political 100 intimacy
Elegance Prestige 150 intimacy
Eager to Learn Research 200 intimacy

4. Indirah

Skill Name Associated Attribute Unlock
Willpower Political
Gratitude Political 20 intimacy
High Virtue Military 50 intimacy
Compatibility Research 100 intimacy
Kindness Prestige 150 intimacy
Integrity Political 200 intimacy

5. Lydia

Skill Name Associated Attribute Unlock
Cosmetics Prestige
Beauty Prestige 20 intimacy
Fine Arts Military 50 intimacy
Sociology Research 100 intimacy
Creativity Political 150 intimacy
Friendliness Prestige 200 intimacy
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6. Iris
Skill Name Associated Attribute Unlock
Trustworthiness Military
Resilience Military 20 intimacy
Ingenuity Research 50 intimacy
Spirituality Political 100 intimacy
Compassion Prestige 150 intimacy
Altruism Military 200 intimacy

7. Silken

Skill Name Associated Attribute Unlock
Tenacity Research
Economics Research 20 intimacy
Benevolence Military 50 intimacy
Optimism Political 100 intimacy
Motivated Prestige 150 intimacy
Compatibility Research 200 intimacy

8. Rana

Skill Name Associated Attribute Unlock
Confidence Political
Composure Political 20 intimacy
Reliability Military 50 intimacy
Savingness Research 100 intimacy
Appreciativeness Prestige 150 intimacy
Austerity Political 200 intimacy

9. Ceren

Skill Name Associated Attribute Unlock
Acumen Prestige
Brilliance Prestige 20 intimacy
Lighthearted Military 50 intimacy
Industrious Research 100 intimacy
Rationality Political 150 intimacy
Expression Prestige 200 intimacy

10. Clara

Skill Name Associated Attribute Unlock
Grace Military
Empathy Military 20 intimacy
Bonding Political 50 intimacy
Parenting Prestige 100 intimacy
Curiosity Research 150 intimacy
Motivation Military 200 intimacy

11. Delorah

Skill Name Associated Attribute Unlock
Faithfulness Military
Welfare Military 20 intimacy
Sixth Sense Research 50 intimacy
Linguist Prestige 100 intimacy
Judgement Political 150 intimacy
Serene Military 200 intimacy

12. Teri

Skill Name Associated Attribute Unlock
Endurance Prestige
Knowledge Prestige 20 intimacy
Perfectionism Military 50 intimacy
Budgeting Research 100 intimacy
Eloquence Political 150 intimacy
Humility Prestige 200 intimacy

13. Samina

Skill Name Associated Attribute Unlock
Focus Political
Analysis Political 20 intimacy
Status Prestige 50 intimacy
Responsibility Military 100 intimacy
Family Ties Research 150 intimacy
Cultivation Political 200 intimacy

14. Halima

Skill Name Associated Attribute Unlock
Wanderlust Research
Research Research 20 intimacy
Perspective Military 50 intimacy
Environmentalism Political 100 intimacy
Dexterity Prestige 150 intimacy
Innovative Research 200 intimacy

15. Felicia

Skill Name Associated Attribute Unlock
Scholarly Political
Distinction Political 20 intimacy
Tolerance Military 50 intimacy
Philosophy Research 100 intimacy
Righteousness Prestige 150 intimacy
Forgiving Political 200 intimacy

16. Alessa

Skill Name Associated Attribute Unlock
Generous Military
Logical Military 20 intimacy
Precautionary Research 50 intimacy
Disciplined Political 100 intimacy
Educator Prestige 150 intimacy
Communicative Military 200 intimacy
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17. Rosa

Skill Name Associated Attribute Unlock
Mathematics Military
Manageability Military 20 intimacy
Investigation Research 50 intimacy
Self Awareness Political 100 intimacy
Transcendency Prestige 150 intimacy
Persuasion Military 200 intimacy

18. Raven

(Will be Updated)

19. Elena

(Will be Updated)

20. Sophia

(Will be Updated)

21. Kosa

(Will be Updated)

22. Bella

(Will be Updated)

23. Cecillia

Skill Name Associated Attribute Unlock
Determined Military
Entertaining Military 20 intimacy
Congenial Political 50 intimacy
Foresight Research 100 intimacy
Convincing Prestige 150 intimacy
Instinctual Military 200 intimacy

24. Daphne

Skill Name Associated Attribute Unlock
Spirited Research
Clever Research 20 intimacy
Give and Take Military 50 intimacy
Patient Tutor Political 100 intimacy
Young at Heart Prestige 150 intimacy
Perfect Research 200 intimacy

25. Fiona

Skill Name Associated Attribute Unlock
Unforgettable Political
Outstanding Political 20 intimacy
Step by Step Military 50 intimacy
Crystal Heart Research 100 intimacy
Lasting Love Prestige 150 intimacy
Protective Political 200 intimacy

26. Hope

Skill Name Associated Attribute Unlock
Approachable Prestige
Flowering Beauty Prestige 20 intimacy
Down to Earth Military 50 intimacy
Sensitive Research 100 intimacy
Bright and Eager Political 150 intimacy
Parting Smile Prestige 200 intimacy

27. Amber

(Will be Updated)

How to increase their Intimacy?

After knowing that each consort have a skill that depends on intimacy then you might want to know how can you increase your intimacy?

Well simple, by visiting the consort, you can gain experience that can be used to level up your consort skill. If you spent a little bit of diamonds to visit a consort, you will gain +1 intimacy with that consorts. Apart from that, visiting will also have a small chance to produce an heir. Which is nice!

Consort Titles

Leveling up a consort will in turns gave them a title, and depending on which consort that you level, your play will be a little bit different. Now the title will be affected by their intimacy and charm, and it is listed below.

  • Empress (Requires 20000 Intimacy and 30000 Charm)
  • Imperial Consort (Requires 10000 Intimacy and 15000 Charm)
  • Noble Consort (Requires 5000 Intimacy and 10000 Charm)
  • Concubine (Requires 2000 Intimacy and 6000 Charm)
  • Noble Lady (Requires 1000 Intimacy and 3000 Charm)
  • Female Attendant (Requires 500 Intimacy and 1000 Charm)
  • Choice Lady (Requires 300 Intimacy and 600 Charm)
  • Beauty (Requires 150 Intimacy and 300 Charm)
  • Choice Maid (Requires 100 Intimacy and 200 Charm)
  • Maid (default)
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The Consort will start of as a maid and depending on their intimacy and charm, you will be able to increase their title, and as the tiers get higher the number of consort will be decreased. There are also one special consort that will have only one title which is the empress.

Consort Hall

Consort hall is one of the feature in the game that allow the Sultan wives to participate in culture to learn and be educate. In a simpler term, it is used to gain more charm. The rooms can be opened by using a key that can be purchased in the token shop or won in an event. So use it to your advantages.

Now, the important part is once opened by a player there will be up to 3 player that may join the room that lasted for 2 hours. All players except for the one who opened the room can be kicked out and have her spot taken by another consort with a higher rank and intimacy. For example a maid will be taken out by attendant, and attendant will be taken out by Noble Lady and so on.

Besides Consort, there are more things that can be found in the game, for example an heir, item and so on.

This game might be exaggerated in the ads on Facebook and Instagram, but regardless it is still a good game! If you are interested in the game, you might want to check it out in Google Play for android or AppStore for iOS.

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