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Mobile Adventure Games genre is a little bit underestimate. Because most mobile genre use the concept of simplifying everything, from the game play, control and even the story line.

Which is why most people don’t really like to play that genre. However, that doesn’t mean that most games are all like that. Take Grim Valor for example, a hack and slash mobile adventure game that is currently free on mobile android, and because of that we are here to give you a little bit of review regarding the game.

Grimvalor by Direlight takes the story of a forgotten kingdom of Vallaris, in which people will play as a mercenaries tasked with discovering the fate of its lost kings. However, little did you know that your quest is not as easy as it seems, because you will suddenly be found in a sinister place cast in the darkness.

You will be surrounded and outnumbered by bunch of monster, undead, and even wraith. So grab your sword and temper your will to fight the land that doesn’t welcome you!

Grimvalor use the concept of 2D hack and slash mechanics, in which you will fight on and on in a side scrolling map. The gameplay is really simple, move left and right, attack, roll, and jump. But, it is not as easy as it sounds, the gameplay is really challenging.

The first two battle will be very easy, but after a little bit of advancing to the story line, you will know that this is definitely not an easy game.

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You will die a whole lot more, take your time in the resting area, and then cry while trying to beat your flying ember like spirit of an enemies. However, it is all worth it especially after you trampled upon a horrifying monster that had you killed again and again.

This game is surprisingly really smooth to play. There is no lag between the movement, and the atmosphere or the ambiance of the game in general is really good. In addition to the sound effect, it is probably one of the most well made mobile game.

I recommend you guys to play this game, especially if you like the Soul like RPG games. However, i do recommend you guys to try it before buying the whole game, as in Android you will need to pay around 5$ to unlock the full game version.

Anyway, if you really like a good challenging game in general then this is definitely the game for you!

App Rating : Grimvalor (Free (Trial))
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