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I have never been a fan of casual games, mainly because i don’t understand what is the point of playing a games where you can’t compete in it. Well, at least until i play a game called Archero, which is a really awesome and addictive casual RPG game. The game is so much fun to play and it is probably one of the game that i really recommend you guys to try and play!

Archero is a game where you will be playing as archer in a world that will kill you. You are a lone archer and your job is to kill every single evil existence in the game. Use your arrow and kill the enemies.

If you had been on Instagram or facebook, then you might have seen this game being advertise on the app. Mainly because of the cute character, i finally gave in and download the game. But much to my surprise this game is actually pretty addictive and surprisingly very fun to play.

This is the type of game that have endless replayability. It means that each time you play the game, you will get a different experience and here is why. So in this game, you will be battling a tons of monster that will kill you with your bows and arrow.

Now, there is a level system in this game. So each time you level up, you will be able to select a few skill. For example Ricochet that is a skill to hit multiple enemies at the same time, blaze to set your enemies on fire, freeze to stop your enemies and so on.

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The best thing is that you are able to combine 2 or more skills to make a really powerful attack, for example Ricochet can be combine with blaze to set multiple enemies on fire, or freeze to simply stop the enemies while setting them on fire.

It is an endless game where your skill and judgement for your skill will be tested and it is really fun. There are also a pet feature, equipment feature and passive skill feature that will increase your ability in general, but the most fun is the gameplay. There are more than 10 stages that you can play in currently and each stages has about 50 or less chapter.

Now, for the most part, you will ask, how is the control? Well, it is pretty simple, simply move by dragging left right up and down, and then stop to attack. Dodge the enemies bullets and then kill the enemies after stopping. It is a pretty simple mechanic.

The graphic is also very good and cartoony too, which i personally like. Overall, this game is so much fun to play, and i really recommended you guys to play it. I am current on the third chapter and is trying to save up some energy to beat the game.

App Rating : Archero (Free)
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