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Being a beginner in the game, Mobile Legends will give you some free heroes to use. For example you will get Layla for free and even Zilong for free. After that, you can buy the other heroes with some BP which is the currency of the game. In early game, you can’t avoid to splurge on things and because of that you will usually buy the low BP cost heroes, like Tigreal the tank.

Honestly, Tigreal is a really underated hero in Mobile Legends. Here is why, people that pick him most likely will gather hate by his teammates, rage on the users, and if lost they will most likely blame it on him. Which is why most people don’t like to pick him as well, and added to consideration that today’s META doesn’t include Tigreal, it is only logical not to pick him.

So Why Tigreal?

First of all, Tigreal has everything that you need in a tank which is a high durability, a good defense, and a really good crowd control. Unlike most tank that got some damage in their skills, Tigreal got little to no damage.

His first skill is used to annoy the enemies by slowing them, second skill to initially render them useless and knock backing them up, and lastly his ultimate that will sucks everything and stuns them. He is literary a tank that is built not to kill, but to support the team.

Item Build

Item Reasons
Warrior Boots This item is really great for Tigreal. He needs to withstands basic attack to activate his passive right, and with this item each time you take a basic attack, defense will go up up to 25. Added with the initial 22 armor, your defense will went up in total 47, which is the same as a good item for 690 gold.
Athena Shield Athena shield is probably your second choice depending on the opponents. If you opponents use magic damage then this is your first must choice. Mainly because you will need more durability against them by using this item, you will be able to get hit more and save your allies by using your skill. The added shield can also help you surprisingly.
Antique Cuirass Another great item, he will get hit by either magic and physical damage. This item will give him the durability against physical attacks while giving him more health to sustain himself, and the passive that each time he gets damage. He will decrease the damage dealer damage significantly is another good addition to the team in general.
Sky Guardian Helmet A good item for tank in my opinion, tank didn’t need to fall back unless really needed, and this item help you achieve that. You will be able to heal your health if you fall back from the war for a little while. Aside from that, the added health in general is really nice.

Apart from that item above, there is still 2 other item that you can choose from. You will need to see your enemies, if you are up with a mage then I suggest you guys to go for Immortality. To further enhance your surviveability against mage and such the added revive effect is a nice addition because while reviving your skill cooldown will also go on.

And maybe your ultimate will finish after reviving and you can stun your enemies even after you die. However if you want a little bit of damage against the mage, you can buy the cursed helmet which have the same stats but able to deal significant damage against the enemies by just standing against them.

If you are up with an Assassins, Marksman or Fighter, then Dominance Ice, or Thunder Belt will be a nice addition to your stuff. Both item have durability, physical defense and most importantly CD reduction.

First of all, Dominance Ice is mainly a built for Marksman, because it enables you to lower the enemies critical chance a little bit to make them hurt less, while Thunder Belt is used for mana regen, and to annoy your enemies. You are able to use the passive effect from thunder belt to further slow your enemies while you and your team chase them. So both are a good option!

For both type, you will definitely need to think, which is of importance, Dominance Ice can be used against Marksman, or if you think that you need mana, Thunder Belt is your guy. Cursed Helmet can be used to deal damage to the enemies Marksman while you stuns them near you and do your combo. And immortality will increase your durability by 2 fold because your enemies need to kill you twice. So, see the enemies heroes before buying your item!

How to Play as Tigreal

First of all, if you are playing as a Tigreal then you must know this and bury this in your thick head. YOU ARE A TANK, AND YOUR JOB IS NOT TO KILL. That is all.

It is a number one rule of the MOBA game, if you kill someone, that is fine but don’t chase another heroes all the way to the enemies tower and then get killed in return. That is stupid. Depending on the play Aggressive / Supportive you will be a really good addition to the teams.

Tigreal himself is a really good hero to combine with any AOE Heroes. Because of his abilities to gather every enemies with his ultimate and stun them. Making him one of the best CC tanker. However most people don’t like Tigreal because of the little to almost no damage that he gives in the late game. Which is why, most people use Grock, Johnsons, and so on as their main tanker rather than Tigreal.

The way you use is that, don’t reserve your spell. Keep calm, don’t panicked, hide in the bush and aim before you use your second skill (because most people forget that). You must go with your allies all the time, because without a good backing, you are nothing. Again, you are not a damage dealer, you are a tank!


The Combo play is actually very simple which is First Skill Slow >> Second Skill >> Third Skill >> use Second skill again or First Skill Slow >> Third Skill suck and stun >> Second skill. But he is very dependent to his spell, and depending on which spell you want to use.

He can be a terrifying tank. A good Spell for him is Flicker, Petrify, and lastly Purify.

Flicker because it is an all round versatile spell that can be use for escaping or engaging the enemy fight by surprising them.

Petrify is for the people that don’t have flicker yet in the early stages, it can be use to further stun the enemies rendering the useless for a few more seconds, which is a lot when fighting in a team fight.

Purify is a must if you are up against 5 Crowd control heroes like Johnsons, Aurora, Martis, Hanabi, and so on, because if you are stunned or even stopped when you are using your ultimate, your ultimate will go on Cool down.

Aggressive Play

Your main job is to follow the the damage dealer which is either Assassins in the mid lane or Marksman. Your main goal is not to kill but rather to support your damage dealer by using your crowd control.

Use your first skill to slow, and second skill to bring them back. Use your ultimate whenever you can even if your opponents is only one. Don’t go and save it, a kill is better than no kill in the Aggressive play. After that if you haven’t use your second skill, use it to bring the enemies close to your allies.

However, do note that you must see the maps all the times, your allies health, and don’t go in for the war unless you are certain your allies will go in with you. Because if not, you will only be a dead meat and be a feeder to your whole team.

Supportive Play

Easily played for beginner. You will do laning at first and protect your carry. Use your skill 1 for slowing and cutting down the enemies health little by little. Of course, after that you can start of ganking. Use your skill 2 to protect and attack the enemies. Knock backing them and killing them in return. There are also the option of sacrificing yourself as a tank. Either way, Supportive play is a play where you will need to follow your carry (Marksman / Fighter) and let them do their job later in the game.

And there you have it, some of the tips and tricks on how to use Tigreal. If you got any question, be sure to ask on the comments below and we will do our best to help!

Got any other hero you want us to make the tips? Comment your suggestion!

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