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One of Tencent most played games in the world is PUBG and it has been shut down in China. The game has launched the beta since February 2018. But because the game was not approved by the government for monetization, it has been officially shut down recently.

Tencent himself made a replacement game with a similar game play and setting called Game for Peace which is approved for monetization in April recently.

Game for Peace is a really funny replacement for PUBG mobile. For example, the death animation rather than players die in a bloody heap by gun wounds, player will now give a cheery little waves before dropping their loot box.

Apart from that, there will be no blood or gore in this new version of PUBG to allow it for China’s new laws banning violence, sex, or gambling in video games.

Players can download Game of Peace using a PUBG Mobile game client, or even by downloading it manually in the app store. Game of Peace is a military FPS Mobile game. It is much like the original PUBG game where you will need to kill the enemies that you find and protect yourself and survive.

If you are interested in the game, go and download the game in it official site!

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