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Reworked hero is probably one of the most interesting things that is happening on any MOBA games including Mobile Legends. This is why plenty of people are trying to get their favorite underestimate hero being reworked.

However, it is not easy as flipping a hand, only a really underrated hero that is not popular and can’t manage to compete in the game are being reworked. For example Zhask from Mobile Legends that is going to be reworked in the next update!

Zhask Mobile Legends is overall not a bad hero. He can spawn a monster that will hit the enemies hard. He has 4 skill in total where the other enemies only have 3, and have the abilities to annoy the enemies in a long run.

But he is not that durable, it means Zhask will easily be killed by most enemies if targeted. Thankfully, Moonton the developer seems to have notice that problem, which is why the rework mainly focus on his durability.

The rework as seen on the video above from Hororo chan will change his ultimate skills. The other 3 skill will still be the same, however, currently you are able to tap the skill again to ride or go inside of the spawn. Which is awesome!

Any damage that is dealt to the spawn while Zhask is riding on it will give no damage to Zhask inside. And the best thing is that, you can control which target you want to hit while himself is riding the spawner.

This rework will give not only durability but also accuracy which is the main problem for Zhask user that usually targets tank rather than marksman. And worst of all, in this update, he won’t only be a mage that hit hard but also an initiator that can open up a war without any damage given to him as long as he got his ultimate on.

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This will definitely be a great rework for Zhask in general!

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