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Mobile Legends is a fun MOBA game that has live up to its popularity each year. It got a nice new content every month and a new system to make its player stay and play the game more. BUT! As any other online game, there are one problem that must be fix, which is the ping problem.

Have you guys ever had this problem where even if your connection, wifi or Data packet is on and going strong? The game is still lagging, and the ping is still red? Well, that is what i normally experience as a player in the game. Moonton himself are trying to fix the problem, and thankfully in the next update, you will be able to this tips.

In the next updates, Moonton will implemented a third party app called UU Game Booster. The app works as a ping stabilizer, not to boost your ping, but simply to stabilize it so that it won’t spiked and making your game lags a lot.

If you had installed the app, UU Game booster in your phone, Mobile Legends will automatically added it to the client, and will be displayed in the lobby to give you a more easy way to access the app. If you tap the button noting the UU Game booster icon, you will be directed to the apps to set it, and you are able to enjoy the magic.

The app itself has been downloaded by many people not only for mobile legends, but also other game such as PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and so on. To give a better ping and stuff.

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If you are still a little bit skeptical about the app, a youtuber called Elgin, has made a video about the app in general. He put out 2 different video, where he play 1 with the UU Game booster and 1 without. The results is that, the one that use UU Game booster has a higher ping but a much more stable ping, so it won’t spike a lot causing lags. While although the one without has a lower ping, it got a huge spiked sometimes making the game lags a little bit.

And there you have it, simply install UU Game Booster on your phone, and then use it while playing the game!

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