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A whole new mobile adventure game called Witch Weapon is finally available for both android and iOS devices! This game made by DMM games developer company. The game takes the story in a whole new parallel future where an artifact called Golden Chalice is found on an island near the Pacific Ocean. The artifact was then moved to an university lab in Tokyo for research purpose.

But little do they know that the artifact was being targeted by a terrorist group. It is because the artifact is made of gold, and apparently have a really beautiful jewel embedded on it. Once stolen, the Terrorist tried to remove the jewels which caused a massive explosion that annihilated all of the surrounding to grounds..

The game start when the sole survivor of the explosion called Ren, awake to suddenly find himself turned into a girl. Regarding this, he found out that he / she has a unique power after the explosion, and start on a journey to find out what happen regarding the golden chalice and the change in his body.

In her journey, she will find that she is not the only one, and the people that are like her is called a witch with a unique skills.

The game had a good story line as we had written, and the game play is actually very interesting. If you like Honkai Impact or any other hack and slash RPG with a cute girl as protagonist then this is for you! Witch Weapons feature a whole new 3D animation style with of course a simple MOBA like mechanic that makes it easier to control on your mobile phone.

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The only downside about this game is a gacha game, where you will need to probably pay some money to gain a powerful OP witches to help you in a party. You can form up to 4 party of witches and with each of them having their own unique skills.

Now, you can download the Witch Weapons game, in its Official Website, or download it via Google play or iOS Appstore.

The best thing is that, those that play and download the game now, can get a pre-registration reward that is given as the celebration of the game launch and the 200.000 pre-registrant.

Download it now and play as a beautiful witches!

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