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Little Nightmare, an Adventure Puzzle RPG games finally got its prequel. After making all of its fans curious about the story of Six in general, the developer Alike Studio finally collaborate with Bandai Namco Entertainment to make the prequel of Little Nightmare which is Very Little Nightmare.

Now, iOS user could begin pre-ordering the apps on App Store for about RM 29.90 or at least around $10.

The game venture still as six, the cute little girl with her yellow raincoat, with a whole new settings. For example, in this one you will play six in an unknown mansion, a whole new place for six to be. Same as her previous sequel, six will need to avoid the creature or monster that will kill her in sight.

So you will need to guide her in this all new game. Of course, player will also need to use his / her brains to solve the puzzle in the room.

The game will uncover some of the secrets about six identity and is now available to pre-order for iOS. Sadly, though for Android users, there isn’t any news regarding those, so android users will need to wait for more updates around the game. The game will be out in May 30, and you can get more information on their official website!

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