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Arena of Evolution is one of the most popular games that is being made by the DOTA Auto chess developer. The game has a lot of similarity. However, there are plenty of people that are still confuse because of the lack of tutorial in it, and because of that we have make a little beginner guide that will definitely help you in the game “Best Arena of Evolution Mobile Guide – How to Win the Game for Beginner

However, today we are not going to talk about that, and today we will talk about one of the most important thing in the game which is the secondary role on the game in general. Do note that the secondary role in the game are: Guardian, Blaster, Supporter, Longshot, SiegeBreaker, Specialist, Assassins, Summoner, and Lastly Vanguard. Each role has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Today, we will give you a simple summary about the game in general, check it out below!

Note: You can click on the second one in the link here the guide will include Specialist, Assassins, Summoner and Vanguard! (Will be updated Soon)

1. Guardian

Guardian roles is to take damage in general. Most guardian had high health, Low attacks damage, and short attack range which makes them perfect for tanking and taking damage. A more balance team will usually have 1 Guardian units in their teams so that they can perfectly shielded. Worst of all, if you equipped an armor or ability resist equipment, you will almost be unbeatable (If you aren’t ganked).

Advantages Disadvantages
High Health to tank more damage Short attack range
Have the Synergy to increase Shield for all Guardian Allies Low attack Damage

2. Blaster

Usually consist in an AOE Damage dealer that can deal massive damage to the enemies around them. The thing about Blaster is that, they usually have a low health and mid range attack. Which makes him perfect as a rear guard. However, do note that they can’t be use in the late game without any vanguard or guardian in front to shield him up.

Advantages Disadvantages
High Damage Low Health
Damage is on AOE, which means the chess player that use crowded tactics will easily be dealt with. Not really that useful if they targeted tanker in the early match
Mid range attacker Easily killed when targeted by an assassins

3. Supporter

Supporter is like what you have guessed. A role that will support other role. The role in their own doesn’t matter much, however they shine the most in a group battle, As long as they don’t die, they will further increase your possibility to win the match. They can usually be seen increasing their allies health and damage in general and is usually protected by bunch of tank.

Advantages Disadvantages
Able to heal allies or team so that they can survive the match Ability Oriented, without ability they won’t really be useful if they didn’t use their skill
will definitely be a monster in late game depending on their rank Rank oriented in the late game
Need to have a guardian or vanguard to protect or else will die easily without being able to heal at all.

4. Longshot

Longshot is a role that has a fight penetration ability and high damage with low health. It has the ability to deal a huge damage on any enemies even guardian or vanguard that boast itself with highest health and armor. But of course they will need another team of guardian or vanguard to help their allies.

Advantages Disadvantages
High Damage Low Health
High Penetration Need vanguard or Guardian to kill the enemies without dying
Long Range Attacker Easily killed with Assassins

5. Siegebreaker

Siege breaker is a role that is mainly useful if you had the synergy. Mainly because the ability that you will gain because of the synergy is huge for example. You are able to increase your damage, most enemies like Kraken, Puppet, and so on, only with 3 Siegebreaker in your team.

This is a counter role that will help you turn the tide and increase your ability to damage the opponents and all in general. However do note that this will cost you 2 slots, so be sure to pick out a good siege breaker. Most Siege Breaker will also have the abilities to crowd control, huge damage, and huge AOE damage that will definitely help you in the long run, but it is bit harder to use or level since they are only available in blue star or above.

Advantages Disadvantages
Can Turn the tide if used right Because of its ability to deal massive damage to almost every primary role available. Costly because it will cost 2 gold or more depending on which Siegebreaker you choose
Huge range of ability skill, from stun, high aoe damage, Buff, to huge damage Hard to find especially in the early game
Got a medium health with huge damage Need 3 slots for it to function really well

We will give you guys more information regarding the game, if you are interested in discussing the best way to build your team, comment down below and we will definitely try to help and reply what we personally think about the game.

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