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Most of us now have heard NetEase company, i mean who don’t! This  popular gaming company is clearly making all shorts of games that is not only fun to play but also addictive. Currently, the company will be making another battle royale type game with much more feature to explore. The game is called Disorder and can be downloaded on TapTap now!

Ever seen a really good battle royale game with tons of feature to explore. Well, if you haven’t then you are in luck because you can experience it first on in a new NetEase game called Disorder. Like any other battle royale game you will be getting on a plane that will leave to an island of 100 people.

There you can build a team and together try to eliminate every single enemies that you encounter. BUT! unlike the other battle royale game, you will be using a character, each with their own skills sets to explore, for example there are one that can release a small mechanical dogs that could track the enemies, make a shield and so on.

The only downside about this game is each character has their own weapon that they can use. So, you will need to adjust your gameplay depending on each weapons. But that also adds some exciting elements to the game in general.

The game is currently on closed beta, and you will need to have a code to play it. If you are interested in the game, do so by clicking on the link below and it will point to tap tap site for you to download the game (if you have the code).

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App Rating : Disorder (Free)
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