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Godzilla, The King of Monster will come out in the theater soon, so there are plenty of advertisement for the movie. One of the best advertisement is making an event, or event a game!

One of the most popular event that will be going on is the PUBG event that will be doing a cross over with the King of Monster. Another is the creation of new Godzilla game on Android and iOS called Godzilla Defense Force.

The Godzilla Defense Force is a game where the Monster called Giant Kaiju appear in a city, and your goal is to defends the cities from them. The game play is actually pretty decent and easy. During your missions, you will need to tap the screen repeatedly to summon regular soldier to kill the giant Godzilla. Killing the Godzilla will give you money, that can be use to upgrade and build more defense facilities.

There are also some mission that can be completed to give more money, and there are also some premium items that can be used to boost your defense capabilities.

This game is actually pretty awesome and the graphic is very cool. If you notice the graphic, it is made by the same Japanese production company that was behind the birth of the Godzilla series.

The only downside of the game is that it is an tap – tap game, where you will need to tap manually and it is an idle game that most people don’t really like. However, if you love a good Kaiju game with a great graphic but don’t have enough time to play it then Godzilla Defense Force is definitely for you.

You can Download the game on the link below!

App Rating : Godzilla Defense Force (Free)

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