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Auto Chess is currently one of the most popular games right now. It is being downloaded by so many people. The game is amazing because it is great strategic and challenging.

This game is adapted from one of the most popular PC MOBA games which is Dota 2 by Drodo Studio. Now, the game can be play in your Smartphone with the same game play but with a different customized character.

However, most people might be a little bit confused about the game in general, so today we will give you a little guide on the game. In this article, we will mostly cover the article on when should you increase your level experience and how to manage that.

What is a level?

Level is a feature in Auto Chess which is includes on the game. It won’t affect your stats, or how well your unit will perform in your board. But it will affect your max unit that can be used in the board to fight the other player.

Apart from that, it can also be used to increase or maximize your board synergy, because with more units the synergy that you can combine will be a lot more. And because of that level is also one of the thing that will definitely affect your match.

All you need to know about level in general

In each turns, you will gain 1 exp, and you can buy 4 more exp to increase your level by spending a little bit of your gold which is 5 gold. You can see how much exp that you need in the bottom left corner of your game.

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At the start of your game, you will definitely be able to level up to level 3 easily. However, the game is not that simple. You will need to start spending some of your money on your exp to increase your max unit, and with it you can also maximize your synergi which will in turns give you the ability to overcome the opponents rounds.

So when should we spend our gold for level?

Now, this is probably the important part of the tips and what most people ask around in the game. When should we spend our gold for our level?

There are of course multiple account that should be considered, and we might not be able to cover. However, we expect you guys to understand that this is the basic for beginner, and you are free to do so your way. And so here is when you should increase your level:

  • Level should only be increased, if you can level up in one round. So you must save up until you had enough money or more money in one round to increase your level immediately, not increasing it in each turns after you got enough money to buy 1 single level experience each turns.
  • You should upgrade it, when you are in a winning streak, and your investment gold is on 5, or more. It is to ensure you to keep winning the rounds more and be in the top.
  • To get out of the losing streak, however do note that you still need to remember the first tips which is level up in one round. This tips is for you to deal with top opponents by using quantity not quality.
  • If you had a good synergy with one of the units on your bench to increase your fighting capability.
  • If you don’t have enough bench to store your units!
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And there you have it, a simple Auto Chess tips on when should you increase your level. Do note that there are a lot circumstances in the game, but this is the general beginner tips that you can use to increase your winning chances!

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