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After being advertise by Pewdiepie this week, Archero has becomes one of probably the most downloaded game for both android and iOS users. The game is actually pretty simple and addictive! But its so difficult, it is actually pretty high and so hard to win the games.

Many people have a hard time to avoiding the bullets, what to pick as the best skills, and what to expect in the game. So, today we will give you a simple beginner guide for you so that you are able to play and win the game in general.

1. Know your enemies

In this game, there are enemies that will definitely kill you, but their patterns is actually just that. If you know the pattern, you can easily deal with them.

For example a golem will be able to fire 3 projectiles in front of you, and you can easily avoid it by simply moving to the side once. Another example is an Archer will fire their arrow after a short pause, don’t move when the indicator is trying to find you and then move after.

Each enemies have their own patterns and it is simply your jobs to find that and use it to your advantages.

2. How to Avoid Bullets

This is probably one of the most important guide for beginner. Like i said above, it is actually pretty easy to deal with enemies as long as you know their pattern. But in my opinion this can works with any monster that you had just encounter which is wait, see, and don’t panic.

You simply need to see the creature that will shot you the bullets, try not to panic. The bullets thrown will always be 2 types, one that can go through wall, and one that can’t, and it is your jobs to know which is which.

3. Which skill should you get

Another important thing that we thought we should cover. What kind of skills that you should get. Currently, there are so many skills that can be unlocked in this games, and each chapter that you had beaten will unlock more skills.

Now, for most part you might have known that you should pick skills that is OP and will definitely win you a game, it is true, but there are also skills that render other skills useless making which sucks like a lot.

For example, don’t go around picking “Piercing skills” when you have “Ricochet skills” because each time you use your arrow and hit it will automatically go to the next creature which is the same with piercing. Some of the neutral skill that you should get are double shot, Front arrow +1, any (Piercing, Ricochet), if piercing go with bounce, and 1 status effect arrow. Which will do well with either ricochet, and piercing + bounce.

4. What to expect

It is all basically the same in this game, every 5 rounds you will find an angels that will give you a choice on a status reinforcement (Agi for faster attack, Crit for higher crit rate, crit damage, damage, health, and so on) or Restoration which will give you a heal.

Of course, the status reinforcement is good, but do note that you should pay attention to your health also before going through the match. Another thing that you should expect is that every 10 rounds especially in the beginner chapter, you will find a boss floor that will have a boss monster. After the fight, you will be able to find a wheel that will give you gold, status reinforcement, exp and so on.

And there you have it, a simple guide on the Archero game. Want to see many other guide like this? Simply click on the tips tags on the tabs above and pick your choice!

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