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There are a good news for those that loves the Dragon Quest series, because the game will finally get its official release on Mobile. It is said by Square Enix them self that a new Dragon Quest game is on the way. It will be revealed next week via a livestream. It is not going to be another reworked games like the other Square Enix series, but it is going to be a new game entirely.

Square Enix is a pretty popular developer that has made known with their RPG game series like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quests, and many more. It has been a little shock to the gaming community that they are going to make a new Dragon Quest game especially on mobile. However, there isn’t that much information regarding the game first, and currently we can just wait and see what Square Enix has in the store that will surprise us.

We just hope that it won’t be another gacha RPG, and will stay true to the original game series but of course with some mobile experience on it.

If you are interested in the game, stay tune into the livestream on the official Youtube Channel. The Square Enix livestream will be aired on June 3, and the information regarding the game will also be given on the date.

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