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Sometimes, an incoming call is really annoying and time-consuming and one of the solutions to get rid of it is by using call blocker apps in your smartphone. With these cool apps, you just don’t need to reject any incoming calls that you don’t want to accept. It’s just automatically blocked by this app.

Call blocker apps actually able to help you to identify the ones calling and will definitely block and rejected the call if its numbers were listed as unknown. This app has several kinds and you can choose by yourself which one of the apps that suitable and fit to your preference. Here’s the brief explanation.

1. True Caller, The Best App to Block The Calls and Catch Unknown number

True Caller was actually a popular app to help you block calls that you don’t want to accept. And this is also great in catching the unfamiliar number that may be come into your phone. This really became a favorite app for many people proved by at least 2 billion installations in the Google Play store.

When you are going to use this app, you need to be ready if True Caller exposes your number. But this is one of their policy to activate their function as a call blocker apps. You will be really easy to reject calls you might not know and it’s available in Android and an iPhone.

2. Try Hiya App That Offers Caller ID

Back then, Hiya app only able to look up the reverse number. But now, this app has transformed to be a more advanced app that can block incoming call with an unknown number. So, you also can use this app to block any call you don’t want to accept automatically without any effort to reject it manually.

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This app is really accurate while identifying numbers. It is because it was analyzed more than 3 billions of calls each month. It’s important to give the users context for their incoming calls. It’s not really different with True Caller app which actually has the same function to block the call. You can try it.

3. Apply The Schedule Call Blocking With Calls Blacklist

Like other call blocker apps mentioned above, this app actually had the same function to block the incoming apps and also to reject the unfamiliar number in your phone. But it has special features which are really handy compared to others. It is more than just a blocking call and filtering number.

With this app, you can make some kinds of schedule to block the phone call you don’t want to accept. You can allow a number to ring and call your number during certain hours in a day. so, the blocking system not always active for the same number based on the schedule you made.

Now, by knowing those call blocker, you don’t need to worry about annoying calls that may come to your phone, and you don’t need to put much effort to reject or block the calls and filter the unknown number manually. Just try to install these call blocker apps now!

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