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Since the first announcement that Disney Twisted Wonderland will be an otome game which is basically a dating sim game. Disney has been giving us a little leaked each month to satisfy our desire for the game.

Since last month and the month before, it is basically about Little Mermaid (Octavinelle Dormitory), and Alice in Wonderland (Heartlabyul Dormitory). This month is about Aladdins. Well it is not surprising as the movie has just been released.

The Dormitary is called Scarabia Dormitory and currently is consists of only 2 character which is Kalim Al Asim, and Jamil Viper. Both will be voiced by a Japanese voice actor Furuta Kazuki, and Futaba Kaname.

Kalim Al-AsimFuruta Kazuki

Jamil ViperFutaba Kaname

Currently, there are already around 3 dormitory that has already been out in the open, and there is still 4 remaining Dormitory that is left to be revealed.

Are you interested in this game? Twisted Wonderland is mobile game that will be released on both android and iOS devices. The game will be set in a school full of super villains and your goal is to take the boys as your targets and increase the relationship points with them.

However, until now there isn’t any information regarding the game play. So, you will of course need to stay tune for more in game information, or you can go to the official website for more information!

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