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If you would like to check out our previous Auto Chess Mobile Game Guide then you should click on the article “Auto Chess Game Guide – When Should You Increase your Level Experience?“. Auto Chess is currently one of the most popular game.

Now, the game is one of the most challenging strategic game. But since it is a bit tricky and doesn’t have enough tutorial. Most people that played the game are a bit confused about the games rules in general. Which is why, today we will give you a simple game guide about Gold Management!

What is Gold and How to get more!

Gold is the currency in the game that can be used to increase your level experience, and can be use to buy an unit. You will gain 5 golds each turns except for the first 4 rounds which will gives you 1,2,3,4 gold accordingly.

Each time you win a battle, you will gain 1 more gold for victory, and 1-3 more gold depending on your win streak or lose streak. So, you can make a strategy depending on losing or winning, and each 5 turns where you will end up fighting with the equipment giving units, there won’t be any bonus on winning streak or losing streak.

The other things that you need to remember is the interest rate that will give you more gold besides the winning streak and losing streak. You see this function is kinda like a bank system in the real world where if you save up more money they will give you an extra interest rate.

Each 10 golds will give you 1 more gold in the next rounds in maximum of 5 golds. It means that if you had 50 golds, you will gain +5 golds more and in total without the losing or winning streak you will gain 10 golds in total. It is huge especially in late game where you need to use the golds to find units, or to level up your character.

So, when should I use my golds?

Despite the understanding, there are plenty of circumstances where you will need to use your golds faster. And here is that circumstances where and when should you use your golds:

  • In the early game, i suggest you to not save your gold, and buy your level at least until level 5 / 6. Despite you yourself are winning or losing, because it will ensure your survival in the long run, and it will make your bench clearer rather than you just stacking everything.
  • If you have find a combination units that you have or want in the shops then immediately buy it.
  • Despite losing, after level 5/6, try not to refresh your shops and try to gain 50 golds because it will help you in the late game, just don’t panic.
  • Don’t go below your interest rate, for example if you had 25 gold, don’t go below 20, because in the next round you will only get +1 rather than the +2 that you should get.
  • Winning streak and losing streak should be maintained, rather than trying to win a losing game try to lose for your advantages in the late game. This is why, as long as your health didn’t go down you still have a chance’s to win the game, and since losing streak will give you more gold, it can be use to your advantages. Losing then winning will do more harm in the late game rather than losing streak, because you lose the advantages for more gold.
  • After having 50 golds or more, you can start of refreshing or leveling up depending on your circumstances (Winning, losing, low health, high health) and try to gain advantages from your enemies.

In this case, there are some circumstances in which you will need to use your gold, and your judgement will be useful. Despite this being a guide, you can choose to not use it, because it don’t cover a lot of circumstances.

If you would like to discuss more, comment down below so that we can discuss it more.

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