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Who didn’t know about an anime game called Honkai Impact 3rd. The awesome 3D anime Action game developed by miHoyo. The game is one of the most popular fighting game on mobile. People called the game as a waifu fighting game, because of the high graphic anime girl fighting each other trying to win the game.

The character inside the game is so cool, cute and of course a beauty which makes this game so popular among the mobile gamer. And now the developer miHoyo, is currently developing a new mobile anime game called Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact, is a new open world action RPG game. If Honkai Impact 3rd has a little bit of futuristic mecha / anime fight to it. Genshin Impact has the feel of swords and magic. And because of the previous game, we know that miHoyo will have a great graphic, skill effect, and of course a cute new waifu to it. The game is set in a fantasy world called Teyvat, where magic and swords still exist in the settings.

People beliefs in something called The Seven coverge where epic adventure await for fearless travelers. In Teyvat there are something called Elemental gods that aeons ago gave the civilization technique to the human race.

But because human is known for their greed, the world soon splintered with corruption. So that the gods can’t stand in and selected a worthy human to sit by their side and maintain the balance of the world in one piece.

The game has different settings from the ruin of blasted empire, to the gothic tower of medieval fortresses.

The game is set to be released on spring 2020, but they will soon be doing a CBT, and if you are interested in the game, you could pre-register / sign up for more information and news about the game in its official website.

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